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                Dezhou Jingrui Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd.
                Add:No. 3366, Eighth Chongde Road, Economic
                Development Zone, Dezhou City, Shandong Postcode:253000
                Tel:0086-534-2238679 / 2238676
                Mob:0086-13853490976 / 18505348192
                Servie Hotline: 400-0534-029
                E-mail:jingrui@crackpm.com /
                Product Show
                EDG-A Mechanical Liner Hanger

                EDG-A Mechanical Liner Hanger is used for hanging lower liner which needs cementing. The liner hanger can be set by picking up and lowering the drill string. 


                1. Unique guiding channel design ensures that the hanger can be set easily by picking up and then lowering the drill string. 
                2. The liner hanger system without cylinder and setting ball, which is suitable for a liner string with several hydraulically activated tools. 
                3. Setting tool can be easily released just by slacking off certain weight and using right hand rotation. 
                4. Retrievable pack-off bushing can be retrieved with setting tool, avoid drill-out.

                Product Up:XGS-A Hydraulic Liner Hanger       Product Down:XGJ-A Mechanical Liner Hanger

                Copyright:Dezhou Jingrui Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd.