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                Dezhou Jingrui Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd.
                Add:No. 3366, Eighth Chongde Road, Economic
                Development Zone, Dezhou City, Shandong Postcode:253000
                Tel:0086-534-2238679 / 2238676
                Mob:0086-13853490976 / 18505348192
                Servie Hotline: 400-0534-029
                E-mail:jingrui@crackpm.com /
                Product Show
                XGFG-A Liner Hanger c/w Top Packer


                1. The Model SYX-AF Liner Hanger Packer combines an integral liner top packer with a liner hanger, thus it's able to hang the liner and conduct effective seal on the liner top. 
                2. The packing elements have superior capacity to resist acid, alkali, oil and high temperature. 
                3. The packer is able to withstand 35 MPa differential pressure. 
                4. The setting tool cal be easily released just by applying certain weight on the drill string and rotating clockwise.
                5. The Retrievable Pack-Off Bushing can be retrieved together with the setting tool after cementing, eliminating drill-out.


                Product Up:XGJ-A Mechanical Liner Hanger       Product Down:SSC Double Plug Cement Head

                Copyright:Dezhou Jingrui Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd.