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                Slip-On, Umbrella shape cement basket


                Cement Basket is like an inverted umbrella or lantern. Comprised with canvas or overlapped steel sheet and bow spring. The canvas or steel sheet is fixed on spring as funnel.

                It is an effective aid of casing string in retaining and supporting the cement slurry where weak formations and stage cementing is encountered. It can prevent or reduce the leak of cement slurry. The structure is simple, usage is convenient, service is realiable. It can provide same thickness cement sheath around cement basket, improve the success rate of completion and the quality of cementing.

                Structure features:

                There are two types of umbrella shape cement basket, one type is the spring fixed with canvas as funnel to block the cement slurry; the other type is the spring fixed with overlapped steel sheet as funnel to block the cement slurry. They are mainly used sectional cementing operation of open hole vertical wells.

                Lantern-shape cement basket is better working than umbrella shape. The spring is fixed with overlapped steel sheet as funnel to block the cement slurry. The advantage is with that the casing will not scrap well wall when picking-up and running-in, with great efficiency of slurry blocking. It is mainly used in sectional cementing operation of open hole vertical wells and deviated well.


                Umbrella shape cement basket

                lantern shape cement basket

                Technical Parameters:  

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