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                Dezhou Jingrui Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd.
                Add:No. 3366, Eighth Chongde Road, Economic
                Development Zone, Dezhou City, Shandong Postcode:253000
                Tel:0086-534-2238679 / 2238676
                Mob:0086-13853490976 / 18505348192
                Servie Hotline: 400-0534-029
                E-mail:jingrui@crackpm.com /
                Products Show
                  Meeting Room  
                  Company Image  
                  Universal Testing Department  
                  400Ton punching machine  
                  Heat-treatment stove  
                  sand-blasting machine  
                  punching machine  
                  machining center  
                  Digital Controlled Lathe  
                  Paint Spray Booth  
                   Dezhou Jingrui Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd. (CRACKPM), a production-oriented factory of product designing, production, installation, service, was founded in 2003. The registered capital is 5 million RMB, total assets of 150 million RMB. The factory is located in Economic Development Zone of Dezhou City, Shandong province, covers an area of 15000 m2, workshop area of 8900 m2, has large domestic advanced numerical control machines and complete equipment of processing, measuring and testing.
                    We mainly have been engaging in research and development of oil drilling tools, cementing tools. After 13 years of sustained development, we gradually got qualifications for CNPC, SINOPEC qualified supplier net. The liner hanger, two stage cementing collar, cement head, float collar & float shoe, casing centralizer and other cementing tools, widely used in Daqing, Shengli, Zhongyuan, Liaohe, Xinjiang, Henan, the major domestic oil fields, and exported to the United States, Russia, Canada, Egypt, Sudan, Central Asia, the Middle East, South America and more than 10 other countries and regions. Our products won good reputation in the oilfields at home and abroad.
                Copyright:Dezhou Jingrui Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd.